Western Australia has recently been experiencing some of its lowest unemployment rates since the resource boom, and has a widespread need for skilled workers across many sectors and parts of the State. 

WA Migration Services would like to provide you with the opportunity to connect with Western Australian employers who may have employment opportunities available. 

By completing this form and providing your consent, you authorise WA Migration Services to publish your de-identified (your personal information will be removed) information on the Skilled Migrant Employment Register, indicating to employers that you are interested in employment opportunities in Western Australia. Once an employer indicates an interest in your skills and employment experience, your consent authorises WA Migration Services to provide your contact details to an employer should they wish to connect with you. 

If you successfully gain employment in Western Australia or your contact details change, please notify us on jobconnect@dtwd.wa.gov.au so that your details can be updated on the Skilled Migrant Employment Register. 
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